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Four and Twenty Blackbirds

This past weekend I went to Brooklyn (not NYC…Brooklyn) to visit my beloved Kayte (and Sam!) in their new place.  I had the best time.  We had no agenda and less than 48 hours together, but managed to accomplish an amazing amount of eating, drinking, and walking everywhere while sweating profusely…but it was a great time, […]

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Hostess Fruit Pies

There’s a whole classification of snacks that I think of as “convenience store food” – namely things I bought on walks to Lil’ Peach in Wakefield when I was a kid and $3 could buy a modest feast of processed junk my mother never would have purchased at Market Basket.  My dream shopping list would […]

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Lemon Squeezers

I have been busy lately with work and studying for (and passing!) my PHR exam, but I did manage to find some time to make a Bundt cake…using my Chrysanthemum mold for the first time. Reactions consisted mostly of “Wow!  Is it a pineapple?”  Maybe that’s because I did a glazed lemon cake and it was […]

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Bundt Pans

Bundt pans are the 1950 Nordic Ware creation designed to pay homage to traditional ceramic molded baking pans of Germany, Austria, and Hungary.  The traditional style is a fluted ring shape and works well for pound cakes and coffee cakes.  In 1966 a Bundt pan was used in a Pillsbury baking contest, and the cake (the famous “Tunnel […]

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