The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Beginning with a Gift!

Now that we have entered the most magical of months, it’s time to celebrate all things holiday – and that includes here at A&A!  I will be trying out holiday recipes and featuring some of my favorite sights, sounds, and smells of the season, along with the occasional cup of cheer.

This is the time when we especially focus on doing and giving.  We remember the magic of childhood and carry on the traditions that bring back a little of that magic.  It is a time for family, old friends, new friends, and hope for good things in the fresh start of the coming year. 

It’s also a time for:

  • an elf that wants to be a dentist
  • Buzz’s girlfriend (woof)
  • the phrase “hee haw”

You know what I mean by those, right?

In the spirit of giving, I am delighted to kick off December with a giveaway!

Does this sight look familiar?

This was my breakfast Saturday morning (and has been for weeks)…ever since I discovered Three Sisters oatmeal, which is available exclusively at Whole Foods.  I just cannot get enough of it.  It tastes delicious, is made from wholesome ingredients, is kind to the planet, and it warms me up on these increasingly cold mornings.

The folks at Three Sisters were kind enough to send me some of their cereal to try as well, and I have to say, the varieties I have had (Honey Puffs and Cinnamon Sweets) were super delicious, and free from artificial additives to boot.  Their cereals are also bagged to reduce wasteful packaging, and are made using renewable wind energy.

Wouldn’t you like to try some yourself?

Leave a comment below telling me about your favorite holiday breakfast or breakfast tradition!

All comment posters will be eligible to receive a coupon towards one free Three Sisters cereal product!*  I have 4 coupons, so you will have a good chance.

If you don’t live near a Whole Foods then I will gladly send you one of their products instead – your choice.

The giveaway will run through noon EST on Friday, December 3rd.

I am in love with all things breakfast.  Oatmeal is my quick morning version.  My weekend versions and “breakfast for supper” versions tend to look more like this:

I have a few friends out there that are “expecting” – I hope the sight of those beans and eggs didn’t make your stomachs heave!  Personally, it makes me hungry…

Holiday versions of breakfast are special.  When I was growing up it was actually the one day of the year where we all sat down and ate breakfast together.  After we spent Christmas in Ireland in 1997 we started doing Christmas Crackers at home, including the wearing of the dorky paper hat. 

Probably why I had a hard time finding any photos where someone wasn’t making a face, but that’s part of what makes it special.

I am looking forward to sharing my love of the season with you this month and reading about your own holiday favorites.  No Scrooges need apply.  I am so over people who hate the holidays.

So grab some eggnog, crafting glue, Nat King Cole… and let’s go!

*Although Three Sisters provided the prizes for this giveaway they are not sponsors, endorsers, or affiliated with the giveaway.