Here Comes the Royal Wedding

Kate and Wills handcut Royal Wedding card from Etsy seller Storeyshop

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching, and I have accepted that I am physically and logistically unable to prepare for it the way I want to…meaning I won’t be able to make all of the tasty British treats the event deserves.

Not wanting to leave you with just Earl Grey Tea Cake for inspiration, however, I have rounded up a collection of my dream “Royal Wedding Watcher Breakfast in Bed” menu from other bloggers. I hope you are inspired to make something, or will at least remember to program the coffee maker for 4:00 AM Friday morning!

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Christmas Review

Vintage Christmas figurines from thetoadhouse on Etsy.

Another Christmas has come and gone.  Well…just about.  I still haven’t exchanged gifts with my family, but we’ll get to that eventually.  I spent Christmas Eve with John’s family in Plymouth, where his aunt and uncle hosted their annual cozy gathering, this year with the addition of a Yankee Swap. 

In related news…I am now the proud owner of a Shake Weight!

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Drop In And Decorate

John and I are headed up to the Wildcat Inn and Tavern in Jackson, NH this weekend for Greg and Courtney’s wedding (yay!) so I am giving you a photo-laden post today to tide you over.

Last weekend I was delighted to hostess my 2nd annual Drop in and Decorate cookie donation party.

I knew it was going to be a long night on Friday because I needed to make cookies, frittata, coffee cake, and holiday bark.  I also needed to clean up and do laundry.

I had a bad start when my raspberry pecan coffee cake burned, so I had to add scones to my menu as a substitute.  The inside of the cake was unblemished, so I am not ashamed to admit that I began breaking it apart and eating hunks of  it after 1:00 AM when I started to get cranky and tired.

Oh boy, do I love pecans and raspberries.

The scones came out great, thank goodness.

So did the Trader Joe’s “potato puffs”.  I have a strong aversion to the phrase “tater tots” so I will go with the phrase I grew up with at Hurd Elementary in Wakefield, MA…though both are terrible.

A few scoops of TJ Mulling Spice in some water was set to simmer on the stove, making my whole apartment smell amazing.

Felt penguins (I made them from a $2 kit at Target) were tucked into my wall Bundts.

Festive gumdrops were put out.

And the “scary elf” ornament was added to my wayward pine bough centerpiece.

Completed cookies were stacked and ready.

Royal icing was made.  Starting, of course, with the beautiful sight of a bowl of perfectly sifted powdered sugar.

White icing was divided into cups.

And colored to perfection with colored gel paste.  Ziptop bags helped get them into the squeeze bottles.

Beautiful spoons!

Beautiful sprinkles.

Beautiful brunch!

My scone was slathered with butter and Courtney’s homemade raspberry jam, and the delicious vegetable frittata, that I forgot to photograph because I was running around like a crazy woman, is hiding in the back.

On to decorating with the ladies!  Jessica O, Teresa, me, Sarah, and Gretchen.

Same group, but with Courtney swapped in for me.  I am standing on the couch taking this one.

Sarah’s lovely blue tree and my IRL tree.

Jessica’s miniature candy cane on a cookie, decorated…

…and tweeted.

Gretchen and I made some non-traditional cookies.

And when we were done, Courtney announced the big prize winner.  This was the person that guessed the closest number of cookies we had decorated.

Teresa won the prize – some holiday Jelly Belly’s and the Betty Crocker Cookie Book! 

We decorated 106 beautiful cookies.

I donated them to the Cambridge Senior Center in Cambridge, MA.  Their food service manager, Julie, was beyond nice and even sent me a follow-up email letting me know how much the seniors enjoyed them.

And that’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown. 

Extra special thanks to Courtney, who came early and stayed late to help me set up and clean up.