Brimfield Antiques Show

Brimfield Antiques Show | Massachusetts Treasure Hunting

Did you know that New England (specifically Brimfield, Massachusetts) is home to the largest outdoor antiques and collectibles show in the world? Known simply as “Brimfield,” the show takes place 3 times each year, in May, July, and September, and let me tell you — IT HAS EVERYTHING.

Spanning multiple “fields” (each with its own rules, personality, and a loose theme), Brimfield is the kind of place where you can show up early, spend the whole day, and still never see it all.

Brimfield Antique Show

This makes Brimfield a true picker’s paradise and a treasure hunter’s dream, but before you get too excited, let me also say that it’s almost never a bargain. You will find the things you always have your eyes peeled for when antique hunting (for me it’s Pyrex, Vera Neumann textiles, wicker patio sets, Ovenex starburst-patterned pans, retro cutlery, New England ephemera, old cookbooks, cross-stitch samplers, McCoy planters, Noritake china plates, bird prints, aprons, colorful Bundts, paint-by-numbers, oversized vintage clip-on earrings and tooth hair combs…you get the picture) — but you will also pay (sometimes dearly) for someone else finding them for you.

Yankee ran a big feature story on An Insider’s Guide to Brimfield in the May/June 2015 issue, so a team of editors (plus a few extra fun guests) were on hand for opening day back in May to explore the fields and share our favorite finds using the hashtag #BrimfieldFinds. We had a great time, and some of us (I’m looking at you, Senior Editor Amy Traverso!) made out like bandits.

It’s all part of the fun… You might go home with nothing, you might go home with the equivalent of 3 lunches in your stomach (guilty, if ice cream counts as one, which it should), or you might go home with a bunch of treasures and a new kitchen table.

Let’s take a little jaunt through my experience of the day, shall we?

Brimfield Antiques Show

Pickers, take your places.

Brimfield Antiques Show

Anything and everything you’ve ever wanted or didn’t know you wanted is at Brimfield.

Here are some of the treasures I wished I could have brought home.

Brimfield Antiques Show

Oh, how I wanted this mustard yellow little TV. The juice glasses, too.

Brimfield Antiques Show

Kitty cat aprons? YUP!

Brimfield Antiques Show

Jadeite, Jadeite everywhere.

Brimfield Antiques Show

There were lots of wagon wheels this year. Someone tell Jess from “When Harry Met Sally”!

Brimfield Antiques Show

Lovely vintage linens and textiles!

Brimfield Antiques Show

Colorful letters and chipped paint furniture.

Brimfield Antiques Show

Shabby chipped paint is kind of a big deal at Brimfield.

Brimfield Antiques Show

Signs of all kinds. Truck doors optional.

Brimfield Antiques Show

My friend Melissa would love these purple bottles. I always take a picture at this booth with her in mind.

Brimfield Antiques Show

Berry baskets — the lovely, old wooden kind.

Brimfield Antiques Show

Heart-shaped sprinkler heads. ❤

Brimfield Antiques Show

Colorful quilting blocks. I don’t quilt, but a bin full of stuff like this never fails to make me happy…or tell myself “Someday you might quilt!”.

Finally, I reached my annual Brimfield Holy Grail — a bamboo Golden Girls-style sofa set. Usually, it’s wicker that wins my heart, but the bamboo works, too.

Brimfield Antiques Show | Golden Girls Couch

All I need is a lanai and 3 other Golden Girls!

And should you make your way to Brimfield this year, be sure to stop and say hello to Ryan and Kaitlin, founders of the Brimfield Flea Finder app. Seasoned veterans of the Brimfield experience, their handy, free app uses GPS technology to guide visitors to specific booths, mark spots on a personal map, and locate the closest food, bathroom, and ATM (you will certainly appreciate this). At a “show” as big as Brimfield, this can prove to be a true lifesaver, so consider downloading before you go!

Ryan and Kaitlin of Brimfield Flea Finder.

The super sweet and helpful Ryan and Kaitlin of Brimfield Flea Finder. They were lifesavers during our May visit!

And finally, in case you want to see more Brimfield, here’s a Yankee blog I did covering Opening Day at Brimfield after my first visit in 2012.

Have you ever been to Brimfield? What would be at the top of your treasure list?

Brimfield Antiques Show. Remaining dates for 2015: July 14-19, and September 8-13.

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