manchester nh sunrise

10 Photos | The Worst Winter

It’s been an unpleasant few weeks in the weather department here in New England, meaning it’s basically been single-digit temperatures and snowing for a month straight. There is nowhere else to even put it at this point (just ask John, who’s been doing all of the shoveling) and the roads are so narrow (and the snowbanks so high) that I have to do a 12-point turn to squeak out onto the road. I try not to be one of those cold-weather-complainers (especially on the internet), because each season in New England offers something to appreciate, but I confess it’s becoming increasingly difficult. Also, just when I thought things couldn’t get any more depressing, my car was smashed in a hit-and-run while I was in a photography class Monday evening. With no culprit (stay classy, Manchester, NH) I’m responsible for my $1,000 insurance deductible. Dear God, wake me when it’s over. Here’s the last month or so in 10 photos.

My apartment is surrounded by snow.

My apartment surrounded by snow.

Me in front of snow.

Me in front of snow.

winter commute

My commute surrounded by snow.

My office surrounded by snow.

My office surrounded by snow and terrifying icicles.

dublin nh library winter

The public library in Dublin, NH (across from Yankee) surrounded by snow, but looking admittedly  pretty at sunset.

manchester nh sunrise

Snowy sunrise in Manchester — the view from the room where we keep the litter box.

salmon ramen

Thank goodness for hot soup. I’ve probably made a dozen versions of this spicy salmon ramen with bok choy this month.

Bones knows no weather-related inconvenience.

According to Bones, it’s business as usual.

The horror. The horror. Also...THE JERK.

The horror. The horror. Also…THE JERK.

A winter walk selfie. Trying to get some exercise even when it's 18 degrees outside!

Ending on a cheerful note. Getting in a lunchtime walk in Dublin even when it’s 18 degrees outside.

Fellow New Englanders, how are you getting through this memorable winter?

6 thoughts on “10 Photos | The Worst Winter

  1. audreyeclectic says:

    Now, that’s some SNOW! WE’re having a snowday here in Oklahoma and I know….as lovely as it is (when you can be in with some cocoa and in your PJs) sometimes you’re just done with it. You’re nearly to spring though, hang on!

    And I tooootally feel your pain about the wreck! Ahh! Unfortunately the same happened to us. My husband parked his car behind a neighbor’s driveway for 10 minutes to bring in some ice cream….came back out, and the side of his car was totally crunched in. No one saw who did it, and the neighbors wouldn’t fess up. So…..we had to pay the deductible. I’m hoping there’s a special line at the pearly gates for those who hit and run, lol. I guess the only bright spot in these cases is there was no one in the car to get hurt.

    On a brighter note, hope we get to meet up this summer!~

    • Aimee says:

      Hi Heather! I hope you enjoyed your snow day! They definitely can be charming and fun in moderation. Also, thank you for commiserating about my sad car. I know it shouldn’t, but it does feel a teensy bit better to think I’m not alone in suffering such an injustice. There is definitely a long line up there (there better be!) for those people who do such things — and I hope it was at least a good flavor of ice cream! So looking forward to meeting you in the warm sunshine this summer! Yay!

  2. Jenn says:

    I’m over the snow and windchills of this winter and counting down till spring. Sorry to hear someone hit your car and didn’t even have the courtesy to leave a note with their info. My husband was hit from behind at a red light and his jeep has been in the shop almost a week already, hope it’s done soon.

    • Aimee says:

      Hi Jenn! Oh, no! This weather is bringing out the worst in everyone. Hope your husband gets back on the road soon, and that spring arrives quickly for everyone this year. It will be so nice to see some green and feel some sunshine! Have a lovely week!

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