10 Photos | Holiday Weekend

Last weekend kicked off with a very wet (soaking, in fact) Fourth of July. We spent it at my parents with my sisters and their families, plus my aunt and uncle. The rest of the weekend was sunny, warm, and pleasantly busy. Here it is in 10 photos.

Porch hanging with John.

Porch hanging in Lowell with John on our 7th Independence Day.

Grilled swordfish kabobs.

Swordfish Kabobs for the grill.

Give these kiddos all the FOJ flair.

Quinn and Lia holiday showing both their USA pride and inability to vocally object to excessive flair.

strawberry picking rossview concord nh

Saturday morning strawberry picking at Rossview Farm in Concord, NH.

secret rooms bailey

Saturday afternoon couch time with “The Secret Rooms” by Catherine Bailey and a G&T. I confess I love these limited edition green Ball mason jars.

Bones enjoying a Saturday (which is everyday) nap.

Bones enjoying her own Saturday (which is everyday) couch time.

Beautiful, beautiful pizza.

Beautiful, beautiful semi-homemade pizza (I buy the dough) for Saturday night supper.

manchester nh fireworks

Stunning Saturday night Manchester fireworks view. This is what not planning ahead looks like.

A Sunday drive to the Salisbury, MA/Seabrook, NH beach region warranted a stop at Brown's Lobster Pound.

Sunday drive to the Salisbury, MA/Seabrook, NH beaches (which was a terrible idea, traffic-wise) with a stop at Brown’s Lobster Pound.

puritan ice cream manchester

Sunday afternoon ice cream cone at the Purtian takeout window in Manchester, NH.

Another summer weekend come and gone. Hope yours was a good one!

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