Instagram Update

In case you think this post means I’ve come back to blogging, I have.

Hello! Let’s cook and eat and talk about how terrible the Beatles song “Got to Get You into My Life” is! Those horns are brutal…

In case you think I moved, I have. To the great mill city of Manchester, NH (not a big city, but still the biggest one in northern New England!). John was living and working on the MA north shore and I was living and working in the NH Monadnock region over 2 hours away, so we split the difference and moved in together. Our new place is bright, sunny, spacious, and has a large porch (complete with a spanking new Old Glory) for gatherings and a spare room for guests (so come visit). Ruby Bones is delighted with all of the new windows for her to spy from. I am delighted with my little office and its room for all of my cookbooks and thrift finds. John is delighted with the endless supply of string cheese that comes with living with me…and his new/old Pats glass.

In case you think I haven’t been swept off my feet by a baby in the family, I have. My nephew Quinn was born on June 11 and I promptly went nuts for him and zip down to my sister’s house (only 25 minutes away now!) at every opportunity to hold him so he can poop in my arms. It happens every time.

Look at that face! My sister is the most spectacular person I know. He’s so lucky to have her for a mama.

In case you think I haven’t been busy in the kitchen, I have. More of my favorite homemade bean burgers with baked sweet potato fries, old-fashioned whoopie pies and skillet apple pandowdy for Yankee, and breakfast burritos at home last Saturday morning.

In case you think I haven’t been busy working and roaming all over New England, and sometimes candlepin bowling, I have.

While I was living in Keene (for almost two years) I was without home internet. Free cable and laziness will do this to you. Now I am finally connected again, and since I co-habit a kitchen with someone who is also fond of eating, I am delighted to think that it will lead to more food posts, if not other posts about projects, adventures, travel, and Bones’ reaction to the Christmas tree in 5 months.

If you think I haven’t been taking nonstop pictures of said cat (nobody thinks this), well…I have.

Stay tuned, friends. I’ve missed you!

All these photos are from my Instagram account (username “aimeeseavey”) – it’s private but feel free to request to follow me if you’d like to see more food, New England, the occasional Golden Girls still shot, and my cat.

7 thoughts on “Instagram Update

  1. Aimee says:

    Oh, Amber…you and Milo have made Rue’s day. She’s already thinking about how to impress him with her knowledge of…well…she’s working on it. 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    Glad you’re back and I love the photos. Congrats on the new place, your nephew is adorable, and those sweet potato fries look so good!

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