Officially a Yankee

Hello friends!

Remember me?  I’ve been neglecting my poor Apron Archives has been lately, but it’s been for a slew of good reasons.

I had my first piece published in the Nov/Dec issue of Yankee Magazine, a closer look at One-Pie Pumpkin.  Sully is also a fan.

The article also has a recipe I developed for Pumpkin Streusel Bars.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I just started a new job here at Yankee Magazine as an Assistant Editor, absolutely the most exciting opportunity of my entire 30 years so far.

My coworker Brenda summarized how it happened in a Behind the Scenes at Yankee blog.

Working here means I moved from Boston up to Keene, New Hampshire (a two-hour drive away) and bought a car – the first I’ve owned in many, many years.  My life is suddenly very different, but I absolutely love my new surroundings, both personal and professional.  I wrote about it here:  Country Mouse Comes Home.

Now you are all caught up.  The Apron Archives might grow and change a little as I do more blogging for Yankee but I am still here.  Moving on!

7 thoughts on “Officially a Yankee

  1. Fatima says:

    OH MY GOSH, I was just thinking about you!!! I was wondering how you were doing and if everything was alright because I hadn’t seen a post from you, thanks for the update! I liked reading your Indian Pudding recipe at the Yankee blog, will try it soon! How do you like NH?! What is the number 1 thing you miss from Boston?! I think I should write you an email…:)

  2. mollyparr says:

    Oh my goodness, what wonderful news! I had been worried about what was keeping you from this blog. I’m so happy to learn it was because of a terrific new job. Congratulations, I am absolutely thrilled for you.

  3. Liz says:

    Amazing news! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to as well, but this is a fantastic reason to be away from your blog.

    Keene looks beautiful. I’ve never been, but I’d imagine it would put you in the mood to write (and edit!) Yankee Magazine pretty easily! Congrats, this is wonderful!

  4. Aimee says:

    Thanks, everyone! It’s still a transition in progress, since half of my things are still in Boston, but I am slowly settling in! I can’t wait to regroup and throw myself into working on good food/historical content for both Yankee online…and here!

    Fatima, so glad you liked Indian Pudding! It’s not pretty, is it? 🙂
    Erin, I am behind, but will spend a whole Saturday in Bones land sometime soon. With pie.
    Molly, you are so sweet – thank you!
    Liz, come and visit Keene anytime!

    My exclamation points are 100% sincere.

  5. Brita says:

    Wow! I’m a bit behind on my blog reading, and I’m just now seeing this news. Congratulations, Aimee! Somerville will miss you, but as a lifelong Yankee reader, it’s incredibly cool to have someone my age on the staff. Enjoy New Hampshire – live free or die!

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