Introducing The Yankee Seeker!

As some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I was recently delighted to have the opportunity to do a few guest blog spots on Yankee magazine’s website.

The first was exploring the Legend of Andama Bread, a New England classic with a humorous past.

The second was highlighting a city neighborhood…my very own Union Square in Somerville.  Its Prospect Park Monument gives spectacular views towards Boston.

It was so much fun to write a few guest blogs for Yankee, so you can imagine my excitement when they asked if I wanted to make it a regular thing. 

Did I?  Are the Green Mountains green? 

Since September of 1935 Yankee has served as (in their words) the “primary resource for those who want to know and enjoy the New England way of life.”  They have achieved this for more than 75 years by faithfully chronicling the stories, recipes, events, homes, and “swops” of the six states and their residents.  Nobody knows New England better than Yankee, and it’s no secret that I consider this little corner of America to be the jimmies on America’s triple-scoop ice cream cone, so being able to blog for them regularly is pretty much my dream blog assignment.

My Yankee blog will be “The Yankee Seeker,” dedicated to celebrating history and tradition in New England. 

The first post chronicled my recent adventure making steamed Brown Bread – the kind in the coffee can.  It was a delicious experiment…

I hope you will check in with me over at Yankee as well as here! 

Also, if you live in New England and don’t subscribe to Yankee, you really should.  I recently met a lovely man at the bus stop in Somerville that had just arrived here from England to study for two years.  We were chatting about fun things to do in the area and I could not have been prouder to hand over the latest issue of Yankee (its headline declaring “Best of New England”) from my tote bag.  If I hadn’t had it with me, I would have just left him with the words “YOU HAVE TO GO TO PLIMOTH PLANTATION!” – and that just wouldn’t have been enough, right?

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Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends!  Are you celebrating by hosting or attending a cookout?  I have zero plans, but I’m not lonely.  I am Siamese cat-sitting for my mom for a few weeks, and boy do they need a lot of attention.

Expect to see them in a few posts coming up!  Both posing and stealing food when my back is turned…

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7 thoughts on “Introducing The Yankee Seeker!

  1. Sally says:

    Hi Aimee, I just saw this! Fantastic. Good for you! I can’t wait to read more. So, does that mean you’ll be excursioning around more than usual? There are some neat Greek festivals around town–I just went to one in Arlington last wknd to practice taking photos–it was wild! (unfortunately so were my photos…) but I keep trying. I’ll think of you if I hear of anything interesting. 🙂

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