Here Comes the Royal Wedding

Kate and Wills handcut Royal Wedding card from Etsy seller Storeyshop

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching, and I have accepted that I am physically and logistically unable to prepare for it the way I want to…meaning I won’t be able to make all of the tasty British treats the event deserves.

Not wanting to leave you with just Earl Grey Tea Cake for inspiration, however, I have rounded up a collection of my dream “Royal Wedding Watcher Breakfast in Bed” menu from other bloggers. I hope you are inspired to make something, or will at least remember to program the coffee maker for 4:00 AM Friday morning!

“Toad in a Hole” with Red Onions and Thyme
BBC Good Food

Baked Beans on Toast
The English Kitchen

Vegetarian Scotch Eggs
Elliemay’s Blog

Sweet English Breakfast Porridge
Inn Cuisine

King Arthur Flour

Cream Scones
Delicious Days

And for those of you that want to celebrate with something a bit more dessert-inspired…

Bakewell Tart with Cherry Jam
Wild Yeast

Berry Trifle with Cointreau
Flavors of the Sun

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

From a young age I was a  British royal-watcher, and have been interested ever since in all of the historical tradition that goes along with a monarchy.

When I was living in Edinburgh in 2004 there was a parade for the official opening of Scotland’s new parliament building.  My British friends teased me when I said I was going to watch, but I had learned that the Queen was going to be there, and I wasn’t missing it!

She wore pink.  The ladies I was standing with passed this bit of information around in a whisper the moment she was visible.  This is the photo I took:

For those that complain that the monarchy is a waste of money and that the members of the royal family are a bunch of inbred idiots, I won’t argue with you.  This isn’t the place for that debate.  I would, however, encourage you to watch the terrific 2006 film “The Queen” or this year’s Oscar winner for best picture, “The King’s Speech”.  These films illustrate the way those born into royalty have no choice but to spend their entire lives in a fishbowl of duty and tradition, and how that life is often a painful journey of very public highs and lows  Highs and lows that everyone is encouraged to observe and comment on, naughty or nice.

No matter what you think of the monarchy as an institution, they do sometimes provide an opportunity for great demonstrations of public bonding.  Think about the days following Diana’s death, or the excitement right now leading up to Kate and William’s wedding.  The nation (the world, even) collectively grieves, collectively celebrates, and the bond is renewed.

I, for one, celebrate it.

And finally, in case you want to serve your treats in style…

Royal Wedding Dinner Plate from Etsy user HouseThatLarsBuilt

If you ask me, that looks more like Lincoln than William…

For more info on Royal Wedding coverage in the US…visit here.  You won’t have to look too hard.

Will you be watching Friday morning?  Will you be sleeping in on purpose instead?

7 thoughts on “Here Comes the Royal Wedding

    • Aimee says:

      I am seriously considering making some veggie Scotch Eggs…but I think that might be too early to start rolling things in (fake) meat. 🙂

      Hope you’re having fun planning your upcoming wedding, Megan!

  1. courtney says:

    “and the bond is renewed.” you are so right and this practically made me teary! you’re crazy for getting up that early…but enjoy the show and your snacks! xo

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