Brooklyn in February

John and I traveled separately to Brooklyn last weekend so I could get there early to spend some QT Lady Time with Kayte and Melissa.  After I met up with Kayte on Saturday afternoon, we made the most of the winter sunshine by getting brunch and visiting some of Park Slope’s numerous little shops.

Brunch was at the French bistro Belleville.  It turns out that the antidote to hours on a Peter Pan bus is a Bellini, coffee, butter, and laughter with one of your best friends.

To start we shared a basket of flaky, buttery croissants served with cinnamon butter and wild-berry jam.  For my main dish I ordered poached eggs on puffed pastry with spinach, mushrooms, and hollandaise.  This was one decadent meal, but that’s what special occasions are for!

Shopping (and hopefully a little calorie burning) was an enjoyable disaster.  We tried on several dresses at several stores that all managed to look hilariously terrible.  We also stopped into the random junky vintage shop, which is always fun to wander through and check out the many overpriced things I want but don’t need.

We met up with Melissa for a delicious Italian dinner in Gowanus, then the three of us braved the winter wind back to Kayte’s apartment for a night of cocktails and storytelling.  At one point in the early hours of Sunday morning we were all in tears laughing at Melissa’s story about a monkey named Butch “acting bad” by gambling on a WWII navy ship…the best part being that a good chunk of the story is actually true.  Kayte made us a “giant pancake” in the oven at 3:00 am.  We watched the George Harrison video for “I Got My Mind Set On You” (mostly the part with the stunt double dancer) more than once.

It was a blast and I slept like a baby.

First on the list for Sunday morning afternoon was a trip to (you guessed it) my favorite pie place in the world, Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop.  I have written about it before here and here.

It was crowded inside so we took our pie outside into the sunshine.  Salted Honey, Salted Caramel Apple, and Black Bottom Lemon…all with a spoonful of fresh whipped cream.

Each slice was perfection, as always, but I closed my eyes when I tasted the Salted Honey slice Melissa chose.  It was creamy and sweet, with the great bite of the sea salt sprinkled on top.

It’s a good thing it’s Kayte that lives around the corner from the shop and not me, because I would need to buy all new pants…or at least a pair of Pajama Jeans…to make up for how often I would be there.

We did meet up with the boys eventually for a fun-filled Sunday night, but I have to say…I needed that Lady Time on Saturday.

Love these girls.

As soon as this winter weather takes a hike I hope I can get down there more often.  Cities aren’t really my preference, but when you’re with your favorite people in a place as fun as Brooklyn, you find you don’t want to leave.

This is the only picture from the weekend that I am in, so I am including it even though Melissa and I are bathed in shadows.  I asked a stranger to take it.  You only get one chance in those situations…and I was just glad Melissa didn’t offer the explanation “She has a blog..” like she did a few moment before when strangers were walking by while I took the other pie pics.

Classic Melissa.  I am still laughing.

11 thoughts on “Brooklyn in February

  1. Kayte Ellsworth says:

    This was so much fun, Aimee. Come back soon! Also, for anyone considering checking out the George Harrison link (why wouldn’t you?!)- the juiciest, part begins at 1:50, although the entire video is a late ’80’s gem!

  2. Julie M. says:

    It makes me want to head back to NYC for a visit! I don’t think there’s any better city in the US to just roam around and “discover” than NY. Love it! Those pies look amazing as well. It sounds like the perfect girls getaway.

  3. k8 says:

    Without sounding pervvy, lady time is the best. Hooray for good friends. Your food/cafe photography is just lovely–such warm tones. I can hear glasses clinking and laughter when I look at them. 🙂

  4. k8 says:

    Hey missy: I’ve been thinking, quite selfishly, that you should have a Q & A widget/submission space on the site. Wherein we, your hapless non-baker friends, could submit questions to you and you could answer them? To wit: this morning I made a batch of oatmeal cookies in an effort to clear out the pantry. They are chewy and divine tasting but ugly as hell. They flattened out too much in the baking and are browned at the edges. So I would turn to you and ask, “Thoughts?” Too warm dough? Oven too high? To much butter (blasphemy!) And then you could share your wisdom with your readers (and me, most importantly). xoxox

    • Aimee says:

      Kate, what a flattering suggestion! It might be fun to have a section like that…and if I don’t know the answer I would have fun researching it. Or some of my trusty colleagues could weigh in….

      Flat cookies are usually the result of “too warm” dough (essentially too warm butter), so next time chill the dough before you use it! Some cookies also flatten if you put them on warm cookie sheets, which most of us do when we are making multiple batches. Solutions include putting them outside in the cold of winter (haha) or in the fridge between time in the oven…but I know this messes with the temp of the fridge.

      In all fairness, I know some people also say to use a combo of butter and shortening to reduce flattening, but I personally wouldn’t do this. Butter has a far superior taste!

      Hope this helps!! Glad the cookies were yummy even though they were homely. I bet baby liked them no matter what…xoxo

      • k8 says:

        Thank you, miss! Love the tips. I should have put the batter into the fridge to chill beforehand and between batches. The cookies were gone in two days so someone was enjoying them 🙂

        I look forward to your next Q & A!

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