Christmas Review

Vintage Christmas figurines from thetoadhouse on Etsy.

Another Christmas has come and gone.  Well…just about.  I still haven’t exchanged gifts with my family, but we’ll get to that eventually.  I spent Christmas Eve with John’s family in Plymouth, where his aunt and uncle hosted their annual cozy gathering, this year with the addition of a Yankee Swap. 

In related news…I am now the proud owner of a Shake Weight!

Since I love breakfast, I was especially lucky to be a guest at John’s parents Christmas morning for a delicious brunch.  In addition to setting a festive table, Maureen served fresh berries, french toast casserole, and a mushroom and swiss quiche.  Along with exchanging gifts and Dave’s mimosas…it was a lovely (and yummy)way to start Christmas Day!

As expected, the last-minute dash to Christmas over the past few weeks has been frenzied.

I was able to rally in the kitchen the night before Christmas Eve with some of the many recipes I wanted to make, but it all got away from me documentation-wise.  I had my camera slung around my neck, but it’s hard to take pictures when your hands are covered in cheese ball…or the timer is going off while you are frantically looking for a potholder. 

I did manage to take one of the gingerbread cherry almond cookies and holiday poor man’s turtles.

As you might suspect, I have already received some super food-related gifts (as well as a few things for Mexico, which is just 10 days away!), but I will wait on recapping my favorites until after my family exchange. 

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and that Santa Claus was good to you (if you celebrate that kind of thing).  Between still looking forward to officially celebrating with my family, New Year’s Eve, and my upcoming trip to Mexico for FBC I am pretty sure my level of merry will remain pretty high.

It is totally snowing a LOT outside right now (technical term) and I have been holed up in my apartment all day watching Law and Order, drinking wine, and eating the ugly cast-offs from my holiday baking (still tasty even if they are homely).  I can’t wait to step outside in the morning to a winter wonderland!

Did you get some good presents or eat something delicious this weekend? 

Did you find yourself under some mistletoe and make the most of it?

Did you win an amazing Yankee Swap gift? 

Did you find coal in your stocking like my sister Courtney did in 1988 (she totally deserved it)?

Did you lose your mind after hearing “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” a million times and you still can’t figure out who half of the voices belong to?

Enquring “been in my pajamas all day” minds want to know!

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