Brooklyn in October

Yes, I had a great time in Brooklyn last weekend.

John’s friend Matt lives in Williamsburg, and my friends Kayte and Sam live on the edge of Park Slope.  John’s brother Matt and his girlfriend Melissa (who serves double duty as one of my best friends and former roommates) also just moved to Park Slope in August and we had yet to see their new place, so they were kind enough to put us up!

We took the bus down from Boston when John got out of work on Saturday, which was nice because it meant I got to spend the day cleaning and baking.  In addition to the Pop-Tarts I made a batch of gluten free cookies for Kayte using the King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Cookie Mix.  I added in chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, and seasonal M&M’s.  I had never had a gluten free cookie before, but they were pretty good!

One of my favorite parts of any journey is the “getting there” part…the car ride, bus ride, or plane ride.  I love planning my iPod playlists, reading material, and snacks.  This time I knew I wanted to make sandwiches, so I got some Iggy’s rolls at the farmer’s market in the morning and made veggie subs using fake turkey deli slices and sharp cheddar.  Yum.  I packed some back issues of Cooking Light and a Linwood Barclay mystery from the library and was good to go.

Matt and Melissa’s apartment was beautiful – very sunny and cozy with lots of historical detail and charm, which was enhanced by their mostly midcentury-inspired decor.  There is nothing more homey to me than tall bookshelves filled with volumes and mementos that actually represent the people living there.  Also, we got to sleep on their Amazing Aerobed.  It has a built-in inflatable headboard.  I don’t know how I missed getting a photo of it.

On Sunday I was delighted to make a return trip to Four and Twenty Blackbirds.  Kayte brought me there in July during my last visit, and I loved everything about it, from the décor to the pie to the friendly staff.  This time there were gourds on the table.  I am a sucker for gourds.

By the time we arrived it was late in the day and they only had one kind of pie left – Fresh Fig.  I enjoy fig, but this was some serious pie with large chunks of fruit.  I certainly loved the delicious crust and cinnamony, gooey filling around the figs, though…and I was glad to get any pie at all because 5 minutes after we sat down they were sold out!

How cute are Sam and Kayte?  Love them.

Matt and Melissa hosted a taco dinner on Sunday night, and we all caught up on some trash TV before heading out for the evening.  It just felt right…

We headed over to Williamsburg to meet up with Matt and our friend Mikey, who was also visiting.  Hours later at our final bar of the night there was a photobooth, and for $3 a strip and with many drinks behind us, we really went for it.

1.  Me & Melissa  2. John solo  3. John & his brother Matt  4.  Matty A, me & John

There were more, but these were the ones Melissa and I made it home with.  Just priceless.  I can’t wait to look at these when I am very old.

On Monday, Matt and Melissa brought John and I to check out Brooklyn Bridge park.  The city has done an amazing job renovating and landscaping the area (I didn’t see it before but it looks lovely now!) which gave us great views of the bridge, the Manhattan skyline, and the wee Statue of Liberty off in the distance.  I can’t believe I was in a tank top in mid-October!

Before heading back we stopped for a drink at the outdoor Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar, then it was back on the bus, where John promptly fell asleep on me while I listened to 4 hours of RadioLab repeats (best podcast ever).

I couldn’t have asked for a better time…and as usual, we are already planning our next visits!

That’s okay, right guys?

(Special thanks to Matt for providing me with a loaner camera for the weekend when I left mine in my apartment!  Yay Matt!)

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