Apricot Scones

My mom and I share a love for scones.  Knowing this, she gave me the Nordic Ware Scone Pan for my birthday last month, and I have been just waiting for the chance to use it.  That ended up being this weekend, and because I knew I would be seeing my mom, I made apricot scones…her current favorite.

I also got to use my (ahem) new KitchenAid 7-cup Food Processor.  It was on sale at Target last week and I just gave in.  I have no regrets, just better pie and pastry dough.

Turkish apricots, cut and ready.

Cold butter, ready to pulse.

Circle of dough.

Brushed and generously sugared.

Delicious, warm…done!

Leftover dough leaves.

I also made a few “munchkin” scones with dough scraps, but I ate them all.  Remarkably fast.

They were very good.

I’d share the recipe, but when my mom gave me the pan she also gave me a scone mix from a local fruit farm, so that’s where the dry ingredients came from.  Next time there will be no shortcuts!

I did some thirfting today and picked up some cookbooks…surprise surprise.  One that I wanted to buy, but didn’t because I knew it would almost be as useless as a microwave cookbook was this one (I know I need a better camera phone):

Unless it’s 100% cocktails, the point of a blender cookbook is lost on me.

Did you cook anything special this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Apricot Scones

  1. courtney says:

    jon devoured his scone (mom made me share after she shared with me). i went apple picking last weekend and so i have 20 pounds of honey crisp in the fridge. i made apple butternut squash soup yesterday and i’m making apple crisp tonight! happy fall!

    • Aimee says:

      court…YUM! i hope you have leftover soup for this rainy day. i am still hoping to go apple picking at some point this coming weekend. make sure to share photos of your dishes!

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