Autumn Welcome Weekend

This weekend I truly welcomed autumn in the following ways:

1.  Candy Corn

2.  Apple Pie

Take one look at that ragged crust and you will know this pie wasn’t store-bought, but it tasted good and I was delighted with my flakiest crust to date.  I visited my mom and Arthur in Lowell, where I got to make my latest pate sucree with the assistance of my mom’s beautiful 12-cup KitchenAid food processor.  It really did make a difference keeping the butter cold, since it does the job of mixing it into the dry ingredients in a few quick pulses.  Needless to say, the volume of my “I do not need a food processor” mental chant has been turned up to 11. 

Visiting Lowell also means visiting my mom’s cats,  Fenian, Napoleon, and Sullivan.  These cats blow just about every other cat I have ever met out of the water (sorry, but it’s totally true).  They fetch.  They eat fruitcake in the middle of the night.  They understand “Who wants a treat?” and will sit intertwined licking and grooming each other for hours.  I love spending time with them, but it makes me miss having a pet.

Allow me to introduce you.

Fenian, aka Fen-Man.  Chocolate Point.  Fenian is always nervous and chews on his tail til the end looks like a wet paintbrush, but is the loviest and most polite of the bunch.

Napoleon, aka Poly-Boy.  Seal Point.  Poly-Boy is fat and a little slow in the head.  He eats anything and everything and is basically the cat version of Baby Huey.  It helps to hide a vacant look in your eyes if your eyes are sparkling blue.

Sullivan, aka Sully or Blue-Boy.  Blue Point.  Sullivan loves Arthur more than my mom, which irritates her since she cleans his litter box and feeds him.  Sully’s meow can politely be described as “demanding”.  He hones in on your popsicles.  He has to wear a warning collar to distinguish him from the other 2 because he will leap up onto the shoulders of men he finds interesting without warning.  He did this once to a repair man in the basement, spooking the man so bad he cried out.  Yes, we still laugh about this.

These 3 are very dear to me.

I hope to continue celebrating fall by baking more pies, breaking out the pumpkin puree and cranberries, and really diving into soups and breads.

Apple picking, pumpkin carving, Somerville’s Fluff Fest, and the 20th Annual Keene Pumpkin Festival should also keep things decidedly autumnal.  How will you be welcoming and celebrating the most lovely of seasons?

4 thoughts on “Autumn Welcome Weekend

    • Aimee says:

      mom, i almost posted the photo i have of you trying to eat a salad while all 3 of them stared at you in hopes of getting some feta cheese, but the lighting was bad and their eyes were all glowing and instead of being funny it looks like they are posessed and casting a spell on you.

      thanks for another fun mother-daughter visit! sorry i got flour all over the counter every 10 minutes. 🙂

    • Aimee says:

      Hi Lauren! Yes, they are sad little leaves! I used a mini cookie cutter but they were too small and stopped looking like leaves once they were baked. You made my day by noticing, though!!

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