Bundt Update

You may recall my initial post on Bundt pans and how much I love them.  So much that I was collecting them from yard sales and Ebay so I could hang them in my new apartment, where the walls were very blank. 

I thought it time for an update, since some of my Bundt children have finally made their way off the floor and onto the walls.  Many live, appropriately enough, right above a large chunk of my cookbook collection.  It’s a happy place.

The pure aluminum mold looked better in my living room with images of Washington, Lincoln, Scotland, and a much-loved photo of my mom in Quebec from the 70’s for company. 

This doesn’t mean I won’t buy any more pans.  Right now there are none in my bathroom or bedroom…though I do have one doing double duty as a fruit bowl in the kitchen.

At what point is this too much?  I just don’t see it happening.

Anyway…my next post will be on the ultimate comfort food.  I recently broke a nearly ten-year personal rule when I made the version of the recipe to go along with it, and I am mentally preparing myself for writing about the ordeal.

Spoiler alert… it was worth it.  Happy Birthday John!

3 thoughts on “Bundt Update

  1. Shannon says:

    What a cute way to store your pans! So colorful and decorative. I love these pictures, Aimee. I also like a good Bundt cake! LOL!

  2. Robin says:

    I’m a few weeks behind on reading so my apologies (but when have I ever been on time!). As a collector of strange kitchen products as well (I collect colanders), I understand your dilemma in buying more. In my opinion, a house is not a home unless it is filled with colanders. In my new roommate’s passive aggressive opinion, ‘do you use ALL of these?’. You don’t have roommates, so for all of us that do, buy away!

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