Pyrex Glassware

I know I am not alone in my love of Pyrex Glassware.  In my research of all things Pyrex, I learned from their website that over 70% of US homes have at least one piece somewhere – most likely in their cupboard, fridge, dishwasher…or oven!  They are useful, durable, versatile, and thanks to the passage of time…highly (and easily) collectible. 

When I think of Pyrex I think of mixing bowl sets, loaf pans, and casserole dishes with the satiny white interior, and a colorful, if slightly dated, exterior.  Growing up my mom had a large white Cinderella bowl (the kind with the spouts jutting off of the rim) with green 70’s looking flowers, that we used for microwave popcorn.  My grandparents had the set of brownish orange  mugs, the mere thought of which immediately calls to mind tea and buttery toast and Eggo’s on paper plates and my Papa. When I got to college and began my long love affair with thrift stores, I started picking up pieces here and there, but didn’t come into my first complete bowl set until last year.  John’s grandmother on the Tucker/Malo side had a wonderful set of Cinderella bowls in shades of green – my very favorite color.  They had been loved and used for decades, and I am very proud to have ownership of them for the time being.  I am very fond of them.  It’s hard to justify having multiple sets of mixing bowls, but for the Pyrex enthusiast, this becomes a constant struggle.   

The Pyrex website neatly sums up how it all began:

The idea for Pyrex Glassware came from the industrious wife of a Corning Glass Works scientist who was frustrated with her unreliable casserole dish. Knowing the strength of the railroad signal lantern glass her husband worked with, she begged him to bring home something she could use in the kitchen. Voilà, the Pyrex baking dish was born. Two years later, Boston department store Jordan Marsh placed the first order for Pyrex Glassware. The rest, as they say, is history.

My Pyrex collection today consists of the green Cinderella bowl set, a yellow square mixing bowl, the green, red, and blue bowls from the primary bowl set, clear pie plates, and a brown loaf pan.

The Cinderella’s look like a beautiful onion. My apologies to my fellow OCD sufferers that immediately noticed that the inner 2nd and 3rd bowls are turned the wrong way.  It’s going to be alright.

I encourage you to share a story about your favorite Pyrex pattern or item with me.  If you do it right I will immediately feel envious and make my way over to Ebay to buy my own.  Actually, I am probably already on Ebay…looking up vintage chenille bedspreads or Betty Crocker cookbooks dedicated exclusively to Bisquick.

I’m serious.

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