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citrus basil butter cookies

Citrus Basil Butter Cookies

Confession – I am ardently in love with fresh basil.  Head over heels.  Smitten kitten.  I want to marry it.  All of those things. Basil is wonderful in many Italian dishes and paired with its BFF’s, tomato and mozzarella, but basil is also a marvelous ingredient in buttery cookies, especially when you also add in […]

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Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving – and that you fell into the same food coma I did come Thursday evening.   I had a great time visiting with my family and counting all of my many blessings. There are a lot of us so we do Thanksgiving “family-style” with all the food set up […]

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Cranberry Lemon Bread

I have been heavy on the pumpkin this fall, so it only seemed fair to add another cranberry recipe to the roster before we switch gears to winter.  I was disappointed to see a lot of cranberry bread recipes calling for canned cranberry sauce.  Say what? I finally found a nut bread recipe in the […]

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Lemon Bars

Sometimes the dessert picks you.  I recently found myself in the following situation:  I was finally in possession of a proper lemon squeezer/juicer.  It was $1.99 at Marshalls (yes!) and the orange matches my Tupperware measuring cups, which cost way more than $1.99 on Etsy.  I had an upcoming dentist appointment, and my dentist is near my Nana’s house, and Nana loves […]

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Lemon Squeezers

I have been busy lately with work and studying for (and passing!) my PHR exam, but I did manage to find some time to make a Bundt cake…using my Chrysanthemum mold for the first time. Reactions consisted mostly of “Wow!  Is it a pineapple?”  Maybe that’s because I did a glazed lemon cake and it was […]

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